Pixilare Media is a group of coders, animators, and influnicers that just want to have fun with what they are doing. We mostly have stuff like Pixel Craft & Pixel Modded as some of the thigns that the Games part works on. You can get info on each individual page when checking out the drop down menu for that part of our group.

We are working in the background to create some new animated series, and maps/mod packs/resource packs for Minecraft Java Edition.

A Brief History

Pixilare Media was created way back in 2016 by William, Brady, and Makayla. These 3 friends originally called the group Tripo Games. In early 2017 we changed it to Pixilare Games and for about 2 years we did three things the Hollow PvP resource pack, the Pixel Craft SMP, and a handfull of secret projects that we were testing out. In 2019 both Brady & Makayla had basicly left leaving William the only one to work on the projects this is where he added Gabriel and James with a few others who don't need to be mentioned by name, in this year and a bit span we tested out Modding with a mod called ThriveCraft its curently on hold until we've decided on what we want to do with it, and the other mods that we were testing with. In early 2020 we decided to rebrand for a third time to Pixilare Media fully encompass what we want to do as a group.

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